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My name is Sue Ann and let me start by saying “Thank You” for stopping by!

Please know, I am not a professional blogger or review writer but after using Idol Lash for just a few weeks, I felt I had to tell the world about my results.

My Story-by Sue Ann

I have always had really fair skin and red hair.  Safe to say when I went without makeup, my eyelashes were practically invisible. To compensate, I would glob on the mascara to give my eyes some definition. When I was growing up, kids constantly teased my about my ginger features.

Into my adult life I continued to be very careful not to let anyone see me without makeup.
I have to say when I heard about Idol Lash, I truly never expected to get the results that I did in such a short period of time. Now after being a regular user of Idol Lash, I don’t have to spend so much time piling on the mascara. I have so much more self esteem when I meet people and more importantly I really feel attractive again.

The Discovery

I stumbled across Idol Lash while on a blog about skin care and beauty. I clicked on an ad on this site and the rest was history. When I got to the main Idol Lash website, there were countless testimonials and impressive clinical studies that were closely monitored and documented.

Review from – Amazon
Ms. Kate – 5 Stars
Kate says she didn’t think Idollash was going to work for her but was pleasantly surprised when in just a few weeks she had “Amazing Results”. Kate Says: “This seriously works! It’s unbelievable!! I started to see changes in 2-3 weeks and they were amazing. Go and buy it, you will not regret it!”


Deciding to buy Idol Lash was a no brainer, made in the USA and the company is a trusted member of the Natural Products Association. So all that is fine and good, but what is it about Idol Lash that I thought was so special and why did I write this review? Glad You Asked!


Receiving My Idol Lash – Tearing Open The Package

After making my initial purchase, I was like a kid waiting for Christmas to arrive…not even one bit skeptical about everything I read on the website that led to my purchase. When my package finally arrived I was happy to find that everything was very simple and the product was so easy to apply and I immediately went to work on my eyelashes.

There was no fuss and no mess. Surprisingly, with the first application, there was no massive clumping of mascara. I remember saying to myself, “Is this all there is to it?” It really took no time at all.

Are we there yet??? Are we there yet???

Of course I was anxious to see results. I kept checking to see if there was any improvement in my eyelashes, every chance I got. I know I needed to be patient and just let it do its thing but I wanted so badly for it to work.

I could not help but to think in the back of my mind if I was going to do any harm to my eyes with this stuff…I mean the eyes area is a very sensitive area and my fair skin and hair is extra super sensitive.

I was happy not to have experienced any negative side-effects… no burning, itching or irritation at all. The website showed plenty of scientific data and clinical trials and talk about safety…I just wanted to be sure I was going to be okay.. and I was.

At Last – Visible Results…..

It took about 19 days for me to really start to notice that my eyelashes began to look thicker and fuller. I would wake up every morning and check to see if I looked like a Hollywood Movie Star yet…..well that never really happened.. LOL.

What did happen was on that, morning, with just under 3 weeks of religious application of Idol Lash… I woke up and it was like the makeup fairy’s had been working overtime.. Almost overnight, it appeared my eyelashes had grown thicker…longer and fuller. I know it was really the result of the almost 3 weeks time but it felt like a huge leap since I last looked at myself in the mirror just the day before.

Just after a month of use, I was sure I had made the right decision in purchasing Idol Lash. The difference in my eyes from just 4 short weeks ago was like night and day. Friends and family started to ask me if I had any work done and they said I looked different..even sexy..

Review from – Amazon
Ms. Nicola D. W. – 5 Stars
Nicola has fair hair and that included her eyelashes. Idollash “definitely darkened (them) a couple of shades.” Nicola goes on to say: “ Ignore the bad reviews, okay so perhaps it won’t work on everyone (I don’t know why) but you have to give it a try coz it’s worth the very reasonable price to see if you can get the kind of results I’ve got. I’m so glad I decided to go for it!!! :)


I Have to Be Honest…

I would not be 100% truthful if I was not honest about what I thought was negative about Idol Lash…. When the company says you get a 1 month supply, they are not kidding. The package, while it does appear small does contain just about a months’ worth of applications. This is not a deal breaker; it is what I should have expected because it was advertised this way.

I began to get nervous when after the first month; I did not buy more of the product right away and began to notice the fullness starting to fade from my lashes after a month of not using the product.

I took full advantage of the specials they offer and bought a 3 month supply and got the 4th month FREE. When you buy 4 month you get 2 FREE – for a total of a 6 month supply.
This makes Idol Lash affordable for any budget.

The good news is that I saw results so much faster the second time around because I did not let my lashes go back to their original thin, light, almost invisible state.

Okay – One More Confession

I have to be totally honest. I do use Idol Lash and I do love the way it transformed my eyelashes to Hollywood Celeb status. I love it so much and I highly recommend it to anyone that wants to change their looks and have long, thick beautiful eyelashes…

The truth is I was so happy with my results that I contacted the company and asked if there was a way I could promote the product. They allowed me to refer people to their website and in turn I would get a small commission for sales that were purchased through my webpage.

You can visit the OFFICIAL WEBSITE HERE and try Idol Lash for yourself and yes I do will get a small commission if you make a purchase. It’s kinda like I am selling Avon..

Anyway, give Idol Lash a try and see for yourself…Say goodbye to thin lifeless eyes and hello to vibrant, healthy looking eyelashes TODAY!

Thank you for reading my story….

Best of Luck…
– Sue Ann Ciambella

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